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SCWA members are encouraged to post news about their personal publications, awards and other recognitions. It is the members' responsibility to post their information; while this page is monitored periodically, members are responsible for their content. If you are not a member of SCWA, please Join Us to be able to post your news. (SCWA makes no guarantees regarding the legitimacy of posted information.) 

  • 06 Sep 2022 1:15 PM | Anonymous member

    Published August, 2022, SPOOKY YOGA, a picture book for children 3-7 and their parents and teachers. It will get kids up from laps and seats to move and groove with costumed creatures colorfully depicted in rhyme and illustration. SPOOKY YOGA introduces basic moving yoga poses coordinated with each creature's personality. Co-authored by a certified yoga instructor. Available via Amazon = perfect for Halloween.

    Susan Coryell

  • 06 Sep 2022 1:04 PM | Anonymous member

    We're having a LAUNCH PARTY for the anthology Carolina Crimes: Rock, Roll, & Ruin on October 8 from 2pm to 4p at Fiction Addiction in Greenville (Woods Crossing Rd). My Story "Past Connections" is featured in the anthology, along with 26 other musical-themed crime stories. We'll be having snacks, drinks, & a good time all afternoon. Join us for the fun & get a signed copy of the anthology!

  • 03 Aug 2022 4:21 PM | Anonymous member

    I have just re-published my award-winning YA anti-bully novel EAGLEBAIT. The theme of building self confidence will resonate with teens and ‘tweens.

    Updated with cyber bullying and available in ebook and print via Amazon.

  • 14 Jul 2022 10:34 PM | Anonymous member
    I have a poem included in the South Carolina Bards  Anthology, pub date,  Aug 2022.

    South Carolina Bards 2022

  • 07 Jun 2022 7:38 AM | Anonymous

    I wrote a piece and was compensated for this for the HuffPost Personal portion of their website about living with Early Onset Dementia. I was diagnosed in 2018 and when I am not writing, I am speaking at medical schools around the country so that students can learn and ask questions about real life experiences that I've had.

  • 02 May 2022 10:24 AM | Anonymous

    Order now from Clemson University Press--Kim Shegog's debut collection of short stories, winner of the Converse/Clemson Literature Series, is now available.

    The stories in this collection give voice to the history and soul of a rural collective. These people want to belong—to themselves, their families, their communities, and their God. Their motivations, disturbing at times, expose their love, loneliness, and their limits. As one character reminds readers, “We move beside and around and in between each other until something—sometimes good, mostly bad—pushes us together. Then we have to get close, real close, and it’s no easy job for any of us.” From the dizzying Thanksgiving table to the sobering graveside service, these stories exist in their acts of agency and grace.

    Visit her site: https://www.kimshegog.comVist

  • 21 Apr 2022 6:38 PM | Anonymous member

    The link is here:

  • 06 Apr 2022 3:03 PM | Anonymous

    Mary Alice Dixon’s story, “Holding Hands with Angels” appears in Curious Stuff, Personal Story Publishing Project, vol.6, spring 2022. It is the first of 45 stories in the collection and the first story recorded for Season 5 of “6-minute Stories” Podcast. You can hear it now at 

    Mary Alice’s story “The Guilty Hat and a Traveler’s Mistake” appeared in Trouble, Personal Story Publishing Project, vol. 5, fall 2021. You can hear it now at 

    Congratulations, Mary Alice.

  • 01 Apr 2022 3:15 PM | Anonymous member

    Catherine C. Con's short story - From Alajuela to Boston won first place at the Lighthouse Weekly Fiction award. Lighthouse Weekly is a Maine publication. 

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