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SCWA is proud to announce that in 2019, The Petigru Review went digital. We also opened the online publication to submissions from the public, but made sure to save space in the journal for SCWA members, too. These decisions broadened the scope of the publication, moving it from a somewhat regional Southern publication, to one where different voices and stories from all over the world enter into a conversation with those Southern voices. The result we think speaks for itself. Read Issue 13 here:

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Submissions are currently closed for our 2020 issue as we received over 500 submissions. We will be accepting work for our next issue in April 2021, in the following areas:

    • Short Stories (up to 5,000 words or three flash pieces up to 1,000 words).
    • Novel Chapters (up to 5,000 words).
    • Nonfiction (up to 5,000 words or three flash essays up to 1,000 words).
    • Poetry (up to three poems per document).
    • Cover-art.

We also are interested in essays on the writing life and/or critical essays to include on the TPR blog.

A note about our taste and style:

We’re a literary magazine in the South, but we’re not stuck to any antiquated idea about what that might mean. The editors are especially interested in diverse and emerging voices. What we want most is good, honest work, no matter where it comes from. Please send your poems, stories, essays and novel chapters our way. Read Issue 13, free and online, for an idea of what we’ve published in the past. 

We can’t wait to read your work!

The Editors, Vivian Bikulege and Ferguson Williams

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