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WRITING CONVERSATIONS: From Felon to Author, Trauma to Memoir

  • 14 Jul 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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Join us for a special FREE TO ALL Writing Conversation with debut author, Lisa Forbes, as she joins journalist Paul Davis for a discussion about her transformation from felon to debut author, how she turned her hardships into a memoir, and how she found an agent and publisher for her powerful new book. 


The youngest of six children, LISA FORBES grew up in a Chicago housing project where she endured sexual, religious, and emotional abuse as a little girl. A voracious reader, she graduated high school at 15 and went to work as a secretary in a downtown insurance office, became pregnant at 16 and, at 19, unexpectedly and uncharacteristically committed a violent act, stabbing and killing the father of her daughter.

Providing powerful insights into what we as a society need to learn and confront in the ongoing epidemic of mass re-incarceration, Lisa is a stunning example of an individual who through determination, knowledge, and hard work has been able to reclaim her own life.

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